Rules teams competition 2022

  • Teams can consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of fifteen competitors.
  • The ratio of men to women is not specified.
  • The team must be duly registered no later than 3 days before the start of the first race of the series.
  • Team registration or registration of individual competitors is done via - we request to send the team logo, name, seat, director, website, fcb and names of competitors
  • The registration fee for the team is CZK 1,000. All collected money will be used as prize money to make the team competition more attractive. Payment to account 7508046001/5500 and enter the name of the team in the message for the beneficiary.
  • The maximum number of teams in the competition is 15 and teams from 2021 have a reserved seat until June 15, 2022 (the date and time of registration decides for the rest of the team).
  • Registration of competitors to the team is possible at any time during the competition, but always no later than 24 hours before the start of a new race. No points will be added back to the newly registered competitors in this way (eg Jan Novák rode the first two races without team affiliation and the third race goes for the registered Ski Geodesy team, so the points for the team will be credited only for the third race).
  • Transfers between teams are not possible, each competitor can collect points for only one team.
  • Scoring of teams in the series is generated from the order of teams after each race EDS Skiroll Classics (Skiroll CUP does not count) in the ELITE category created with the sum of points of individual competitors, the minimum is to gain at least one point (eg team Dřeváci collects 500 points from the first race, team Ducks 200 points, team Pražáci 10 points and team Bureš 0 points = the order of the teams in this race is: 1. Clogs, 2. Ducks, 3. Pražáci and 4. Bureš and the allocation of points to the series is as follows: Clogs 100 points, Ducks 90 points, Pražáci 80 points, Bureš 0 points).
  • In each race, a maximum of 2 men, 1 woman, 1 junior under 23, 1 junior under 23, 1 veteran over 50 and 1 veteran over 50 can score for one team according to the points they receive in the race in their reduced order in category.
  •  For competitors registered for a team, the points achieved in individual races are counted both in the individual order and in the team competition.
  • Competitors do not have to complete all the races in the series.
  • The winner is the team with the highest sum of points from all races in the series. In case of a tie, the highest number of points gained in one race decides the order.
  • To be included in the overall team rankings, at least two competitors from the team must take part in the final Lipnolopet race.
  • After this race, the overall results and the distribution of prizes and prize money will be announced.

Team scoring table after the order in one race:

Result Points Result Points Result Points
1. 100 6. 50 11. 25
2. 90 7. 45 12. 20
3. 80 8. 40 13. 15
4. 70 9. 35 14. 10
5. 60 10. 30 15. 5

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