ENERGAMO LIPNOLOPET 2023 - FINALL RACE 55 km / 22 km / 9 km


9.(2.) CLASS - 7.10. 2023



  • Friday 6.10.2023 from 18:30 qualification / final
  • the route is 3x around the square in Frymburk = 1 km
  • entry fee 5 EUR until 5.10., 10 EUR on the start
  • prize money for the sprint is 400 EUR for the first 3 women and 3 men (100/60/40)
  • sing up for the SPRINT
Organizer: eD system Silvini team and Turistický spolek Lipenska

Race director: Marek Pazderský

Course director: Luboš Krejza

START: 10:00 - 10:10 in Frýdava close to ferry

CATEGORY ELITE - track 55 km - racers in cup EDS Skiroll Classics + Challenger Ski Classics - same rollski or wheel number 3

  • 10:00 - women, junior women under 23 years, veteran women
  • 10:10 - men, junior man under 23 years, veteran men
CATEGORY OPEN - track 9 + 22 + 55 km - all others - without limited
  • 10:00 - women, junior women under 23 years, veteran women
  • 10:10 - men, junior man under 23 years, veteran men

Course map: 55 km long course, elevation 850 m by mapy.cz and for download

prize money 2.222 EUR fot first 5 atlets men and women (400/290/190/90/40)

Sprint Lipno Lake Resort - 14. km Přední Výtoň - first 3 men and 3 women - prize money 285 EUR (each 81/40/20)

Climb Běžky Pasečná - 26. km - first 3 men and 3 women - prize money 485 EUR (each 115/80/40)


22 km long course, elevation 400 m by mapy.cz and for download

9 km long course, elevation 400 m by mapy.cz for download

Finish: All track on Svatý Tomáš - end of the road - 55 km + 22 km + 9 km

Sing up: on-line by  SING UP FORMULAR to 4.10.2023.

Payment start bib: by conto not late than 3 days after registration IBAN: CZ7655000000007508046001 BC/SWIFT CODE: RZBCCZPP , in messege write yours name

Start fee: to 31.08. 1.000 Kč / 40 EUR, to 4.10. 1.200 Kč / 48 EUR, at the prezentation 1.500 Kč / 60 EUR. Include race track, timing, rsults, bib, feeding station, feeding after the race, same rollski for best racers.

T-shirt Energamo Lipnolopet: as part of the entry fee it is possible to order a cotton Lipnolopet T-shirt with double-sided printing for the price of 590 Kč / 25 EUR, it will no longer be possible to buy this T-shirt on the spot





Maximal number of registered: 500 !!! (sing up to the race is possible before the start only to maximal number of registered)

Prezentation: on saturday 7.10. from 7:30 to 9:30 close to start in Frydava in Silvini tents. At the start you can use the facilities of the restaurant Penzion u Přívozu in Frýdava (toilet, breakfast, coffee) from 8:00.

Ferry to start: Frymburk - Frýdava 8:00, 8:30-9:45 every 15 min, ferry back Frýdava - Frymburk : 11:05, 12:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05 - last call!

Category: ELITE - Challenger Ski Classics, EDS Skiroll Classics cup, same rollski and wheel number 3, classics technique - junior men and junior women to 23 years, men and women, veteran men and women up 50 years, veteran men up 60 years, veteran men up 70 years
OPEN - classics technique, individual rollski and wheel, men and women
Ceremony:  at 13:30 flower ceremony in finish area Svatý Tomáš, official ceremony at 19:00 in Frymburk, at 19:30 ceremony EDS rollski cup !!!Attention! Do not forget that prizes and checks will be handed over only to the competitors present!!!
Rules: Everyone participates in the race at their own risk and swears in advance on their ski honor that they will proceed honestly during the race and will respect the rules of decent skiing and behavior. During the race, several covert controls will oversee the proper conduct. At the same time, everyone undertakes to follow the rules of the road and to move on the right side of the road on the track. A safety helmet is required. Any manipulation with skis and wheels after checking by the organizer during the presentation is forbidden, as is the case with rented skis from the organizer. Catching anyone means immediate disqualification !!! The organizer will issue the borrowed roller skis 30 minutes before the start and has the right to determine who is obliged to complete the race. The rules of the whole series apply: EDS Skiroll Classics
Feeding: 3x during the race (Přední Výtoň, Pasečná, Přední Výtoň) and after the finish line. The main meal is then prepared at the award ceremony in Frymburk from 18:00. While waiting at the finish line for a ride or friends, you can use the facilities of the restaurants in Hotel Sv. Tomáš or in Hájovna.

Prize:  First three in category will get prezents from sponzors. In category men and women is announced firts five racers. Prize money is 2.222 EUR. Together is prize money 3.400 EUR.

Cars: parking of cars at the finish in Svatý Tomáš is possible in 2 parking areas in the area above the finish of the race near the church with a limited capacity of about 50 cars. When transporting the car to the finish and back it is necessary to observe the traffic signs and not to disturb the course of the race and the safety of the competitors on the track. The organizer provides bus transport of competitors from the finish line back down to Frýdava to the ferry to Frymburk. It is necessary to buy a bus ticket for 100 CZK (4 EUR) in advance at the starting numbers.

EDS Skiroll Classics 2023: The race is part of a series of roller ski races in the Czech Republic EDS Skiroll Classics

Afterparty: for all organizers and racers at saturday after ceremony in Frymburk
Accomodation: We have arranged accommodation with a 20% discount for the participants of the Lipnolopet race and their entourage. Please contact your chosen accommodation provider with the password "Lipnolopet 2023" and secure your accommodation in time.
We can make change the race - last time for change the race is time 20:00 day before the race on this website or 15 min before the start by radio report in start area!
Record track: (55 km) men - 2022 - Jan Šrail - 2:14:49 / women - 2022 - Kateřina Janatová - 2:36:21

Start list: ENERGAMO Lipnolopet 2023







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